Rami Avadi

Rami Avadi
 Phone: 718-923-9601
 Fax: 718-923-9606
Rami Avadi –

Raised in a family of Real Estate Professionals, Rami brings a lifetime in the business to Skyline Group, and it shows in the way he guides his agents through the world of Real Estate.

But Rami didn’t rely on his connections or family history to make his mark. He wanted to know the business from the ground up, so he went to work for a major firm as an agent, and earned his Brokers license the old fashioned way - through hard work and discipline. He gained comprehensive market knowledge and now applies that knowledge to every aspect of his business with Skyline Group, bringing in his established contacts and maintaining an unparalleled respect for the way he conducts his business.

Rami’s boundless energy and focus infuse the entire firm with his perspective of service with a spotlight on satisfaction, and the development of long-term relationships, whether it be a developer, investor, seller, or customer looking for a studio… that takes pets.

His positive energy and approach to the business nurtures relationships with commitment and dedication - delivering on expectations because of his never-quit attitude and attention to detail.

Rami is very hands on with the staff and agents and is directly responsible for the growth of the companies members. In the industry Skyline Group has a reputation for its stand-alone customer service , and on point delivery of what owners and management companies are looking for. Rami Avadi brings a unique way of teaching, guiding and applying values to everyone who works with him. He is a unique individual and a positive presence in the New York real estate industry.

Let Skyline Group give you the respect you deserve, and prove to you that real estate shouldn’t be a difficult aspect of your life, as long as you work with the right firm… as long as you work with Skyline Group.